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about the class :

our premise Is that there is no correct way to paint.

Creators must find their own path to powerful forms of visual expression. In Visual Quest, practioners are treated as visual composers, not technique students.

The challenge is to see in a new way, with a set goal of increasing creative confidence and problem solving skills while learning painting technique - or better said: inventing painting technique.

our goal Is to send you on a journey.

Within the 30 hour curriculum you wil find out how you can create powerful images while staying motivated, challenged and having the most possible fun.

We will also provide a theoretical base and vocabulary that supports the making of conscious visual choices. Journeyman Visual Questers become able to formulate their own visual research, learn by themselves and communicate their path - even if it leads somewhere else then painting.

The four pillars of visual quest:


How does your attention meet with the World? How to observe mindfully? How to play with modes of perception?


How do you collect and organize your observations? And the ones of those who came before you? And the ones who walk beside you?


How do you organize time, tools, themes and motivation? How to harness your energy and curiosity and transform it into output?


How does the work meet the world? What dialogues does it stabilish and in what arenas? Where to publish it and make it count?

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Our main goal is to get more people into Painting for the joy of painting. Our exercises will help you find in this practice a sort of beneficial meditation which is capable of accelerating the mind and sharpening the sight.

Painting asks for no vanity or glamour - it's a language - it's practice should be demystified and brought down from it's fine art pedestal. If you follow these exercises and presentations, you will quickly acquire a more detailed visual perception, grow your intimacy with technique and bring a new joy into your life.

All can be completed in less then one hour, but feel free to take all the time you need and don't forget to join our community of practice in facebook and share your results!

user statements :

"Dear fearless teacher, I dedicate to you the enchantment of the moment In which I put the brush and the watercolour together for the first time.

You showed certainty of your freeing ideas about painting and being alive. A thinker provocateur type. You put our gaze and instinct as main knowledge. And, Darn it, gaze and instinct live in all bodies. The question was to have the enough courage to have all of yourself truly look. Observations coming from the belly button. That was a very serious conversation!"

Marcia alvaredo
Founder and ceo at solida media boutique

"Visual Quest is anything but a standard painting class. Instead of simply teaching you how to hold a brush, it takes you on a journey that allows you to discover the How and the Why for yourself. It's a guide to gaining a new perspective on your surroundings and to freeing the artist within you."

Philipp kraatz
creative marketing and design thinker at spacebase

This class in one word: COURAGE. That’s what I conquered. I gave up control - to try to be definite. What I rejected before, after this class became what I quest. Making friends with the unpredictable, the mistake and the involuntary. To be able to let it happen with tranquility because the work begins to ask it's own questions. And if it turns out bad? Well there are always charming ways to partially destroy and build again from what was a mistake. Since then I sold 20 drawings!


Felipe is super passionate about visual research and teaching. He took me on an adventure of seeing, and also a lot of caring. "Warm Heart" is a good tagline for what I felt on those Wednesday nights. We painted outside, in the square, there were life drawing sometimes, there were parties… I learned so much and my vision will always be grateful. I'm sad to not be able to go anymore - I would love to still live my life with those Visual Quest nights to help me see…

senior Software Engineer at Facebook

"I really liked the painting class. I learned so many techniques, like seeing counter-shapes, thumbnailing and planning, the 3 tones, lighting and shading, etc… I also learned about many pioneers. It was a great incentive to relax on the perfectness of a work and learn to draw everyday, for fun.

ANA Franco Netto
Freelance Designer, Illustrator and Motionographer at

"Wow, so much responsibility to put down in words what this class meant to me. There was the technical, methodological side and the shift in perception that basically redefined all my artistic discovery in a moment where I was really searching for ways to reinvent myself and mature my paradigms. If it wasn't for this class I probably would not be tattooing today. But there was also everything that came with it - the ambience, the people, the exchange and connection - The Warm heart tm, - There's so much subjectivity involved it's hard to describe <3."

RAOM  Ferreira
Tattoo Artist at Skincarved tattoo

A message from the Facilitator :

Hi! I am Felipe. I spent a large portion of my life drawing and painting. I was questing for my 10.000 hours to achieve so called Mastery - and as I closed in on my goal I realised that I loved painting but was not necessarily interested in being a graphic athlete. Nor did I want to spend my life surrounded by only other painters or illustrators.

I felt that the traditional way of approaching the training of visual artists, specially when it comes to drawing and painting representationally often missed the point. More often destroying the students desire to paint then equipping them to mindfully face visual challenges. I've heard the sentence "I used to paint but then I went to Art School" way too many times and decided to take action.

Painting and drawing is a way for a creator to engage simultaneously with the world and himself through seeing, feeling and moving the body. This practice involves emotional, physical and strategical intelligences simultaneously and is useful for all ages, professions and cultures. Any image created by someone from a place of truth and exploration will reveal as much about the observed object as the observer himself.

I set out to create a teaching methodology that would make stronger people and not only  painters. Anyone who holds a brush long enough can learn how to paint anything at the surface level. But to really go beyond and accept that every image you paint is a window and a mirror, one must embark on a one way trip to find his or her own place in the syntax of the visual language as a whole. Images live in a place beyond words and sounds. They are nonlinear - a powerful painting is pure personality holography. It's a delicious place to be, but without the fuel, one will not get there, and the fuel is purpose. And purpose is personal.

7 years and 600 students later, I realize that my job is to help kindle tiny fires into large flames of creative desire. I care not if the end goal will be creating only paintings - but I promise you a journey of beauty and awe and you'll learn how to paint like only you can.